By working smarter and leveraging our extensive network and experience, Ascension maximizes the value of a development—not only in terms of economics, but what it can offer to investors, businesses, residents and the community as a whole.

Site Selection and Evaluation

One of the most critical activities necessary to achieving a successful real estate development is site selection, along with thorough due diligence. Our process identifies critical issues early and requires an objective and dispassionate evaluation of each unique real estate opportunity. Services provided include:

  • Define Project Objectives
  • Market Analysis
  • Zoning and Regulatory Compliance
  • Accessibility and Transportation
  • Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Site Topography and Geotechnical Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Marketability and Amenities
  • Financial Analysis
  • Community Impact Assessment
  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Study
  • Decision Making
  • Consult Professionals

Remember, a well-thought-out site selection and evaluation process can significantly impact the success of your vertical development project. It's essential to balance financial considerations with environmental sustainability and community impact for long-term success.